Spray Sanitizer PurityPRO – A bundle of 4


Multi-Surface Disinfectant 3- 1 Formula: Clean, Sanitize and Odor Eliminator.

PurityPRO is an EPA registered (List N) personal protection disinfectant which rapidly neutralizes transmissible pathogens.

10%discount per bottle

Active Ingredient:

Hypochlorous Acid 0.046%
Other ingredients 99.954%
Total 100%

Non-toxic, ecofriendly, family safe, travel size : 3 in 1 formula : cleaner, sanitizer & odor eliminator. Spray on any surface you come into contact with. Works on hard, soft and textile surfaces. Gentle on skin. Powered by hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is the infection fighting compound found naturally in the human body and replicated by doctors and scientists using our patent technology in a FDA compliant facility.

For general, nursery, clinic, food, retail, athletic or industrial facility use. On an airplane, at a hotel, or at the grocery store—make it PurityPRO Spray Sanitizer to Go! EVERYDAY & EVERYWHERE !


FURNITURE and Hard SURFACES – Tables, chairs, cabinets, cribs, high chairs, changing tables, swings and more, without damaging finishes or fabrics. Appliances, door knobs, faucets, keys , electronics and more.

KID AND PET TOYS – Plush, plastic or wooden toys, book covers for babies, and chew toys for pets.

Cloth and SOFT Surfaces– Clothing, towels, cloth diapers, and bibs, to deodorize. Facial Masks and PPE.

Ideal for use on the go, in your car, in restaurants, schools, colleges, offices, retail, industrial, commercial facilities, recreational facilities, kitchens, playgrounds, autos, and homes. Leaves no residue. No wiping required.


1 Bottle, Bundle of 4 Bottles(10%discount per bottle), Bundle of 10 Bottles(15% discount per bottle), A box of 70 Bottles(25% discount per bottle)


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